Practical information to prepare your flight

Please read the practical information below. It will help you to organise your day as well as possible, so that you can enjoy an exceptional souvenir! 
Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail  if you have any further questions. You can also reach us via WhatsApp and by phone.

1. At what time we leave? How to get on the takeoff site?

  • The day before leaving, at the end of the afternoon, we will provide you with the last details et confirm the appointment time (You can always join us  via WhatsApp, by mail or by phone).
  • The flights leave early in the morning, before sunrise. The best moment to enjoy optimal conditions for this activity. The beauty of the landscape on top of it.
  • Early in the morning, a 4×4 vehicle will pick you up at your hotel/Riad for ± 4 hours of unforgettable adventure.
  • Our takeoff site is located at 20 kilometers North of the Marrakech palmgrove in a typical village.

2. How is a flight conducted? How do we go back to the hotel?

  • The flight lasts one hour on average. However, you should allow 3 to 4 hour for the whole adventure, not forgetting the delitghful moment of the breakfast hosted by inhabitants of the villages.
  • According to the winds, you will be transported smoothly, like on a cloud. 
  • When landing, your 4×4 vehicle will drive you to the local village for a super breakfast. A delicious and friendly moment to pursue this exceptional adventure.
  • Back to your hotel/Riad by the end of the morning with your most beautiful pictures and the guarantee that you enjoyed one of the most exciting moments of your stay in Morocco.

3. Help! I feel dizzy!

  • To feel dizzy, you need a link between the ground and the place you are (Eiffel Tower, scale, chair, etc). Because there is no link, you will not get dizzy.

4. In case of adverse weather conditions…

  • Hot air balloon flights require light winds, good visibility, stable air and no rainfalls (unusual in Marrakech)
  • If the weather conditions do not allow to fly the day of your flight, we will reschedule another date. Hot air balloon flights are subject to weather conditions. Therefore, in very rare cases, we cancel the flight and sometimes even before takeoff. We do not compromise with your safety.
  • In case we have to cancel the flight due to weather and safety conditions, you will be fully repaid.
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